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When LOVE turns around
there is a REVOLUTION!
​We want every expression of our lives to be centered on and radiate from our relationship with Jesus. We truly believe He is the only way to God.  
Our desire is to follow Jesus' example of love, servant hood, and authority in the earth to the effect that everyone has the opportunity to hear the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God and be reconciled to a relationship with the Father God through the atonement of His blood poured out on the cross! 
We want to be just like Him! We want to do what we see God doing and speak what we hear the Holy Spirit saying. We can be really talented and move in all the gifts and wisdom of God, but if we do not demonstrate the love of Jesus to one another we are just making a lot of noise.                    
                                                  Tom & Bridgette McCullum

© 2017 Revolution Church Clarksville, Indiana

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