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Pastor Tom McCullum

     My wife Bridgette and I are so honored you took the time to check out our web site.Here at Revolution Church we are pursuing the presence of God.  We are walking in an atmosphere of love, respect, and honor that I’ve never seen in all my thirty years of walking with the Lord. 

     The worship experiences are as good as, or better than anything I’ve ever experienced.  Hunger for more is being stamped on our hearts.  We are pursuing His word; to walk like Jesus, talk like Jesus, and think like Jesus.  He would love to see anyone stuck in their faith walk to be set free from the deep mud pit of religion, and then ascend into the heights of glory He has planned for us.

Will you join us?

     Pastor Tom McCullum grew up in a Roman Catholic home where he was an altar boy for a couple of years. However, in 1977 while working at DuPont, he car-pooled with someone who asked him lots of questions about the Catholic faith. When the man asked Tom about salvation, Tom had no answers. Needless to say Tom gave His heart to Jesus and he was forever changed.

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