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Pastor Tom

Church Picnic June 2018

The picnic was moved indoors due to rain; however, it did not keep us from having fun. 

Thanksgiving Boxes

November 21, 2017

     This year we packed 25 boxes with food for a nice Thanksgiving dinner for those families within our community that were needing extra help this year. We coordinated our efforts with Fairmont School and had an overwhelming success. Each child got to pick the pie they wished to take home and each family walked out with a box stuffed to overflowing.

     Thank you to the intercessory prayer ladies that came and packed boxes as well as praying with those that needed prayer. It was a wonderfully rewarding time for each that was able to help hand out the food.

     Many thanks to those members who gave so generously and helped to make it all possible. And thanks to Carol Uhl and Jessica Carpenter for heading up this project.

Easter Egg Hunt

April 2017

We hid over 3000 eggs and invited the children in the community to participate in the fun festivities. Our guest was Rover the Dog who helped us see that we need Jesus in our lives to be better boys and girls.

Mother's Day

May 14, 2017

To help give out our Mother's Day flowers we had two unexpected visitors, Bertie and (Priscilla, Petunia, and Delilah). It was pretty much whatever Bertie wanted to call her. Well these girls were so funny and brought much laughter for our mothers. Then Pastor Tom read a surprise text to Teressa Baxter from her daughter Olivia who is away doing ministry.

Congratulations to the following mothers:

Jerry Montgomery - having the oldest child still living

Barbara Tucker - having on the longest earrings

Sarah Lane - having the most Band-Aids in her purse

Marlene White - being the most vertically-challenged (shortest) mother

Teressa Baxter - having on the most jewelry

​​Community Outreach 

June 2014

This was a great time of fellowship with the New Albany community. View the pictures to share in our fun! 

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